Room with area rug cleaned by Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning in Austin

Discount Area Rug Cleaner in Austin

Room with area rug cleaned by Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning in Austin

Keeping up with an area rug can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be, especially with Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning—a discount area rug cleaner in Austin. Whether your paid $10 or $1,000 for your rug, our expert technicians have the tools and the knowledge to clean most area rugs right in your home.

Many companies charge you a bundle to take your area rug and clean it “in house” but we know better. We know that many rugs can be steam cleaned right in your home at a rate that’s much lower than our competitors.

Our technicians will first check the material of your area rug and make sure that it is colorfast and that it doesn’t bleed or run when we clean it.  Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable about different types of area rugs, whether it’s an antique Persian rug, or you just picked it up at the big box store. You can entrust us with your rug because we know how just important it is that we keep it beautiful for you and your home.

Keep your rug beautiful for years to come with Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning’s help. We want you to feel safe and secure with our services, which is why we offer our 200% Peace of Mind guarantee.

There’s no need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars more than you need to on a an area rug cleaning. Rely on Peace Frog—the discount area rug cleaner in Austin that you can trust.