Exceptional Customer Service for the People and Pets of Pflugerville

The friendly folks at Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning love visiting the homes of pet owners, not only because our pet odor removal services are some of the best in the area and our carpet cleaning is unparalleled, but also because to us, customer service extends to the dogs and cats and birds and chinchillas that belong to our clients. Our techs will be kind to any animals they encounter while servicing your carpet and tile. In fact, here at Peace Frog, we’re kind to animals elsewhere, too, through our giving to the Human Society and to the four-legged beggars at our dinner table.

In order to have a lasting positive impact on your home and the wellbeing of everyone living there, we use environmentally safe cleaning products and stick to organic whenever we can. Our detergent-free cleaning ends with a deep steam cleaning that at a toasty 230°, works its way deep into the fibers of a dirty carpet, liberating the offending particles and lifting stains, dirt, and dust. Your carpet will dry faster without any residue that could harm humans or pets. At Peace Frog we show you how green cleaning methods can be safe for your carpet and the living things who spend time in contact with it. You’ll see how these methods can be as effective against dirt and stains as any toxic chemical processes.

Both treating other humans well AND knowing how to interact with dogs and cats in a way that is friendly and respects their boundaries are both a part of good customer service. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, at Peace Frog we consider customer service to be a main element of our business. We just happen to be really good at cleaning carpets, too. Peace Frog is gaining a reputation in Pflugerville for being a local business who will clean your carpet, respect your home, and treat your animals like they deserve to be treated. If that’s the sort of service you’re looking for, give us a call.