Quality Carpet Cleaning

Got a Red Stain in Lago Vista? Peace Frog will Get Rid of It!

Here at Peace Frog, one of our absolute favorite things to do in the world is carpet cleaning.
Lago Vista is great because our techs especially like to cool off in the lake after tackling tough
stains. And when we say “tackle tough stains,” we mean it. Not all stains are created equal,
but if they’re on your carpet and should be, we can take care of them all.

Red stains are particularly pesky. Because of the chemical composition of red dye and the
simple fact that it’s easier for our eyes to see red on that eggshell-colored carpet than, say,
taupe, red stains have an extra annoyance factor. Luckily, the friendly techs at Peace Frog
can erase stains, taking your carpet back to before that glass of Malbec jumped out of your
guest’s hand.

Our methods are environmentally-friendly. We’re not the sort of people to attack stains with
harsher and harsher chemicals until they disappear; instead, we think on the molecular level.
We ask: If we were the stain, what would be our kryptonite? Usually, our detergent-free
cleaning with a blast of deep-penetrating steam does the trick. We stick with organic
products as much as possible.

We know those red stains can be extra tricky to eliminate, but we’ll give it our all. If you’re
not satisfied with our carpet cleaning or if the stain makes a reappearance within 14 days of
our visit, let us know and we’ll take care of it for good. It’s our Peace of Mind Promise.