How To Decide For Pet Odor Treatment?

How To Decide For Pet Odor Treatment?

The friendly humans at Peace Frog are animal lovers. Our pets, as much as we adore them, can be sources of odiferous compounds that tend to linger in the home. A stinky home can turn away visitors and prospective buyers. We love our animals and we want the best for them. But that shouldn’t mean that we have to suffer the embarrassment of a house that smells like a dog. Or a cat. Or parrot.

Some sources of pet odors are within our control. For example, we all know the surprising smells that come from things our animals brought in from the great outdoors – perhaps it was Fido rolling in something he found scrumptious or Fluffo finishing off a rodent who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other bad odors are related to diet. Just as that leftover lasagna may have left you with a new ability to clear a room, when our pets eat something that doesn’t sit right, they can get gas too. Usually, changing your pet’s diet can curb stinky flatulence, but if left unchecked, the smell can persist.

Other pet odors come from our pets themselves. This type of odor is better handled by a veterinarian. Older animals – the ones we have lived with and loved for years – can be particularly malodorous, but we love them just the same. If the culprit is an allergic reaction to food, rather than digestive distress, some pets may exude excess odor through glands in their skin. If a change in diet does not remedy this issue, consulting with a veterinarian may help you find the best pet odor treatment in Austin, Texas. 

How To Treat Pet Odor?

Any kind of infection, bacterial or fungal, can lead to a stinky pet, which can result in a stinky home before you know it. Dogs with large, furry, and/or floppy ears may be prone to ear infections, which can be pretty pungent. No discussion of pet odor is complete without mention of the anal sacs, that pair of glands that, when impacted or otherwise irritated, may lead to Fido dragging his rump across the carpet, spreading the smell like nobody’s business.

Just as our ears get used to the high decibel level at a show at Antone’s, our noses adjust to smells. What may seem like a transient odor can soon become a pungent punishment embedded in your carpet or rug. When the odor is invisible it can be difficult to detect. Luckily, we have the tools to locate the source of the stink. We at Peace Frog are pros at using blacklight technology to efficiently find the fragrant spot (or spots). Once located, our Specialty cleaners in Austin, TX deploy the perfect products and techniques to banish the odor from your home.

Is the odor afflicting your home accompanied by a stain? Not a problem! The stain-busting green cleaning solutions we use on carpets are not only safe for humans and pets but are also environmentally friendly. Our process is free of detergents and the deep steam process ensures your carpet is left with zero residue. When you want to return your home to its previous glory, call Peace Frog Carpet Cleaning, Austin’s most animal-friendly pet odor treatment provider.