Carpet Cleaning

Peace Frog Delivers Quality Carpet Cleaning + Customer Service in Leander

We may be living in uncertain times, but there are a few things that we can be sure of. With
the growing population in the city of Leander, home values have been growing, a trend that is
expected to continue. And if there is a colored liquid that can stain, at some point, it
probably will. While we at Peace Frog can’t tell you what will happen with politics, the
economy, or the weather, something we are certain about is our commitment to our growingcustomer base in Leander.

We offer not only some of the best carpet cleaning services around, we also treat each and
every client with respect and good old-fashioned kindness. When our experienced techs come
to your home they will treat your space with the utmost respect as they care for your carpet,
no matter what prompted the need for its cleaning. They are specially trained to spot even
the most discreet stains, and if furniture needs to be moved for them to reach the spot, they
will carefully feng shui their way to a clean carpet, replacing everything where they found it
before they go.

High quality service is something you hope for when dealing with anyone. When you invite
someone into your home to provide carpet cleaning services, often, the customer service
aspect is an unknown variable. In the midst of uncertainty, an exceptional experience is
something that you can be sure of when you choose Peace Frog Carpet Cleaning. Our expert
carpet cleaning technicians are wonderful humans who possess the dual superpowers of being
able to both make people smile and take care of stubborn stains.