Carpet Cleaning

Spring, A Great Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned in Austin, TX

Spring is really a great time to have your carpets cleaned in Austin, TX. After the winter months, it feels so nice to freshen up your home. Spring cleaning evolved for a reason folks!

In spite of all the indoor cleaning projects you can do for yourself, carpet cleaning really is the one job you should leave to professionals. The truth is, most vacuums and carpet cleaners are not powerful enough to reach the dirt, dust mites, and other debris trapped deep in the fibers of your carpets. While the surface may look clean, there are still loads of potential allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants left behind.

No so with a professional carpet cleaning service delivered by Peace Frog in Austin, TX! Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines shoot hot water deep into the carpet fibers, providing a deep steam cleaning that dislodges dirt, pet hair and other debris. Our superior water extraction process removes these pollutants right along with the water, creating clean, fresh carpets and reducing the drying time significantly.

Not only that, but Peace Frog offers a 100% green carpet cleaning. All of our cleaning agents are completely biodegradable, safe for the environment and, most importantly, for your family! We never use harsh chemicals that could damage your carpeting or leave behind any toxic residue.

Call Peace Frog in Austin, TX at 512-259-6606. Our friendly customer service reps are available to answer questions and schedule a FREE healthy home carpet inspection for you. You can also visit our website to read more about our specials and the many other interior cleaning services we offer, including tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and more.

With an A+ rating from the local Better Business Bureau and our “Peace of Mind Promise”, you can’t go wrong with Peace Frog Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX!