2 area rugs on top of each other after being cleaned by Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning in Austin

Austin Expert Rug Cleaning

Do you keep your precious area rug upstairs in the attic because you’re so afraid that your kids will spill something all over it? Do you strategically hide a spot on your area rug because your kids DID spill something on it? If so, it might be time for the Austin expert rug cleaning services of Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning! Owning an area rug—particularly if it’s a family heirloom—can be quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the professional help of Peace Frog, you can keep your rug out front and center all year long. Our expert technicians have been trained specifically to care and restore your rugs to look brand new.

While many of our competitors clean their rugs in house and charge a bundle for it, we can clean most area rugs right in your home, which can save you a ton. Your Peace Frog technician will first carefully inspect your area rug to make sure that it is colorfast and will take precautions to ensure that your rug does not bleed or run. We know your rug is precious to you and we want to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. If we find that your rug can be cleaned right in your home we will use a steam cleaning method to extract dirt and make it shine once again. Feel safe and secure with Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning’s 200% Peace of Mind Guarantee. When you choose Peace Frog for your Austin expert rug cleaning, we want you to know that your rug is in good hands.