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Austin P. Frog

I remember blue shag. It must have been an inch long. I was 3-years old scooting around in green shorts playing with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. Our evening play time ended with bear hugs and gentle wrestling…all on blue shag. I remember it having a peculiar odor. I didn’t care. I didn’t know anything about the little buggers deeply imbedded in our play room carpet. I depended on my mom to keep me healthy, clean and safe. We now know the importance of annual deep steam cleaning to keep our homes healthy. When children and pets are involved, more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning industry gets a bad rap. At last count, there are at least 257 carpet cleaning companies in the Austin and surrounding cities. Everyday you’re inundated with coupon mailers advertising unbelievable deals for whole house carpet cleaning. Some companies spend thousands on advertisement to recruit new customers because their poor quality and customer service prevents them from repeat business.

Peace Frog spends almost nothing on advertising. We rely on word of mouth and great online reviews. We know our reputation of providing great customer service and remarkable quality is the recipe for our company’s success. We’re that sure you’ll be smiling when we leave your home! Make Sure that your clean carpet lasts! Thing about investing in your carpet’s future by getting Dupont TeflonCarpet Protection after your cleaning!


"Your company and staff are the best! We've been using you since we moved here, and will always return for future cleanings. The technician was fantastic. All spots out of carpet, very friendly, and overall did a great job. Thank you!"

Kelly H.


"It's been great! Overall I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get the job done RIGHT! This is my first home and wanted to make sure that it was taken care of and Jason exceeded my expectations. Jason provided details and explanations of what he was going to do as well as the benefit of other services offered. The information and education was greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything!"

John G.

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