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Disinfecting and Sanitization Services For Home and Business

Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning – Disinfecting & Sanitization Services For Home and Business

Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown Texas

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Benefits of Vital Oxide include:

EPA recognized strength
No rinse required before food contact
Immediately kills mold and mildew
Eliminates allergens
Eliminates odor
Effective on soft surfaces

It will protect you from:

Swine Flu
Hepatitis A, B, and C
Staph (MRSA)

With everything going on in regards to COVID-19, the safety of your home and business spaces should be the last thing you have to worry about. Many cleaning services that you may be considering just do a top line cleaning, meaning that your home or business can still be vulnerable to coronavirus. There is a distinct difference between disinfecting and sanitizing; experts say that sanitization reduces bacteria to a safe level, while disinfection kills all bacteria on the surface. Understanding this key distinction can help you choose the service that is better suited to your needs. We use a hospital grade product, Vital Oxide, that is safe for you and your four legged friends. We distribute the Vital Oxide through our fogging machine and fine mist sprayers, providing your space with the following benefits.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing for Home

We’ll completely disinfect and sanitize your entire home, down to your mattresses, carpeting, upholstery, and curtains. This will give you peace of mind that you’re protecting your family, whether you have elderly family members or young children. We can do safe deep cleans of nurseries and baby rooms as well. We only work with non-corrosive and non-caustic cleaning supplies, so we can use them on your home’s or businesses’ countertops or desks with zero health risks for your family members.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing for Businesses

Whether you have a small office or a three-story high commercial building, our team is ready to make sure that your space is as safe as possible before your employees return. We will make sure that every spot is sanitized, from the doorknobs to the bathrooms to the buttons on the microwave. This will ensure that you’re keeping all of your employees safe when you return to normal business practices in the coming months.


"Your company and staff are the best! We've been using you since we moved here, and will always return for future cleanings. The technician was fantastic. All spots out of carpet, very friendly, and overall did a great job. Thank you!"

Kelly H.


"It's been great! Overall I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get the job done RIGHT! This is my first home and wanted to make sure that it was taken care of and Jason exceeded my expectations. Jason provided details and explanations of what he was going to do as well as the benefit of other services offered. The information and education was greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything!"

John G.

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