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Pet Odor Treatment

Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning – Pet Treatment

Pet Odor Treatment – Urine Odor Removal From Carpet – Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning are just a few of the specialties at Peace Frog

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"Outside of a Book, a Dog is a Man's Best Friend. Inside of a Dog, It's too Dark to Read"
-Groucho Marx

Our pets give us unconditional love. We try to give it back, but it’s not always easy. We expect our furry family members to behave like perfect little angels. The number one commandment of all house guests and 4-legged friends is…thou shall not pee on thy carpet. When it happens, you have to act quickly or it’s stainsville with bad a case of permanent stink!

Store products are insufficient to adequately eliminate pet odors. Peace Frog specializes in pet odor removal. We use black light technology to pinpoint exactly where all the problem areas are located and use powerful safe neutralizing agents to kill the odor causing bacteria.

As soon as you find the problem schedule a complimentary Healthy Home Carpet Inspection.

Some Pet Odors are Permanent. Carpet or Rug Replacement is Often the Only Solution. Please Note - Pet Odor Elimination Is Not Guaranteed And Is Not Included In Our Peace of Mind Promise. 

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