Dryer Vent Cleaning in Lakeway, TX

Austin, TX Dryer vent cleaning – 6 reasons to go for professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning services

Man and woman looking inside dryer that has clogged dryer vent

Austin, TX Dryer Vent Cleaning – 6 Reasons to Go for Professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Regular Austin, TX dryer vent cleaning is essential to help you prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and to increase the life of your dryer’s motor.

We, at Peace Frog Carpet Cleaners, thoroughly inspect and clean a dryer vent with the aid of latest tools and technology, that ensure an immaculate and safely-run dryer.

Why Should You Go for Professional Austin, TX Dryer Vent Cleaning?


1. It will prevent accidental home fires which could occur due to clogged dryer vents.

2. A thorough cleaning aids in keeping your dryer motor from burning out.

3. Removal of any pests – animals, birds and bugs – that take up residence inside your dryer vent is necessary.

4. For an improved energy efficiency of your dryer vent, cleaning is essential.

5. Lint and all sorts of debris can easily accumulate in your clothes dryer duct, leading your dryer to exhaust at less than optimum efficiency. This also gives rise to potentially hazardous conditions which include carbon monoxide intrusion, as well as the dangerous possibility for fires.

Warning – If your gas clothes dryer has been improperly vented, or its exhaust duct is blocked by either lint or debris, then carbon monoxide could be forced back into your living space.

6. A clean dryer exhaust duct is able to prevent heat, moisture and carbon monoxide from getting trapped in your home. When this sort of unnecessary of spillage occurs, energy, essential natural resources and time are all irritatingly wasted as your appliance works way too hard and runs much longer than what is usual.

Moisture also gives rise to damage to your drywall, wallpaper, ceilings and other building materials in your home.

Peace Frog Carpet Cleaners strive their best in air duct vent and Austin, TX dryer vent cleaning services by investing in the right equipment, providing expert training, certification and have expertly trained employees to help ensure a great customer experience for your family.

Austin, TX Dryer Vent Cleaning – 6 Reasons to Go for Professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Services