Carpet Cleaning in Georgetown, TX

Carpet Cleaning in Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown is known for having the "Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas." We want it to also be known for having "The Cleanest Carpets in Texas!" Peace Frog Carpet & Tile cleaning is one of the highest rated carpet cleaning and rug cleaning companies in Georgetown and the Greater Austin Area.

We take price in our service and the cleaning supplies that we use. Our company is EARTH-FRIENDLY and our products are people and pet safe for truly green carpet cleaning!

Georgetown Square at Dusk

Source: The City of Georgetown

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Peace Frog takes great pride in being environmentally responsible. Our earth-friendly carpet cleaning offers earth-friendly alternatives to harsh petrochemicals. Our green cleaning products are better for you and the environment. We'll help keep Georgtown beautiful! Click here to learn more about our earth-friendly carpet cleaning service in George Town.

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