Home Maintenance Tip: Dryer Vent Cleaning In Austin, TX

Man and woman looking inside dryer that has clogged dryer vent

A dirty dryer vent will waste energy, and can become a fire hazard. Obstructions in the dryer venting can result in increased drying time and they can also harm your dryer. Dryer vent cleaning in Austin, TX must be part of the home’s yearly maintenance schedule. If you feel your dryer gets used more than normal, the vent should be cleaned more often.

Dryer vent cleaning in Austin, TX is important because the dryer is pushing an exhaust of hot air through the vent tube, and obstructions to this airflow will hold heat from the dryer’s exhaust as it holds air. The heat begins to build up, sometimes getting so hot that it ignites the flammable lint and causes a fire.

Dirty dryer tubes also cause poor dryer performance, longer drying times and high energy usage. This is because the dryer works by passing warm air through the clothing material. Lint and dirt in the tube reduces that airflow, and as a result, the water in your clothes will not be drawn out. Your clothes will take longer to dry, and that can mean increasing utility bills.

Your dryer may also be damaged as a result of a clogged exhaust vent because reduced airflow can cause a buildup of heat inside the dryer. The heater in the dryer will burn out, resulting in expensive repair or replacement of the dryer.

Timely and proper dryer vent cleaning will ensure a clean exhaust tube. A clean, properly functioning vent tube allows the air and heat to fly straight through the tube outside and it builds no heat. This will mean no fire hazard, faster drying of your clothes, reduced energy consumption, lower gas or electric bills, and a dryer that will last a long time. It is a simple part of home maintenance that has lasting benefits. Contact us today and we will be happy to take care of this service for you.

Home Maintenance Tip: Dryer Vent Cleaning In Austin, TX