Peace Frog Carpet & Austin, TX Upholstery Cleaning

Peace Frog Carpet & Austin, TX Upholstery Cleaning – We Clean Upholstered Furniture The Natural Way

Whether you have young kids or a couple of furry pets, regularly have friends and family over for gatherings, or simply stay at home a lot – you should realize that your upholstered furniture is getting a thorough workout. From dust and germs, to pollen and food crumbs, to various ugly stains and distasteful blemishes – these mishaps, however annoying, just can’t be avoided.

But you don’t need to simply accept these unsightly upholstery-marring facts and let your furniture be!. Let Peace Frog Carpet Cleaners tackle your messy couches and leave you with a refreshing and renewed Austin, TX upholstery cleaning that will extend the life of your costly furniture. Plus, it is quite safe and healthy for your kids and pets too.

We utilize the same natural, planet-friendly carbonated cleaning solution that we use on your carpets for a deep-down, immaculate and healthy cleaning – which works wonders on any type of upholstered furniture as well. This means that our professional cleaning process for your quality upholstered furniture is completely safe for you and your whole family and pets – it dries much faster, saving both time and maintenance, and is resistant to resoiling.

Try to imagine millions of super small bubbles working away diligently at breaking up all the dirt and grime that has been trapped deep inside the fibers of your much-used upholstery, so that everything can be made immaculately clean and the dirt disappears off. That’s how safe and toxic-free our natural carbonating cleaning is which guarantees to revitalise your sofa set for a much fresher, more healthier, longer-lasting deep cleaning process.

A much deeper, much more healthier, and a lot faster drying Austin, TX upholstery cleaning by our trained technicians will have you and your family back to enjoying your renewed, refreshed and spanky-looking furniture in no time at all.

Peace Frog Carpet & Austin, TX Upholstery Cleaning – We Clean Upholstered Furniture The Natural Way