Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Austin

Half cleaned flower pattern area rug, showing how clean Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Austin can get your area rug

A beautiful area rug can really tie the room together. Whether you purchased it at a flea market in France or you inherited it from your grandmother who traveled to Pakistan in her younger years or you bought it at a department store just down the street, your area rug is precious to you. When it comes to keeping your rug clean though, you might get a little intimidated. You have always heard to never just scrub with soap and water and inevitably when you have your rug out in your home, it is going to get dirty. When you need a professional area rug cleaning in Austin, call the experts at Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning! You can always rest assured that your area rug will be in excellent hands with our knowledgeable and efficient technicians.

The best part about an area rug cleaning by Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning is that we clean your area rugs right in your home. While most of our competitors charge a hefty fee for their in house cleaning of your area rug, the truth is that most rugs can be steam cleaned right in the comfort of your own home. First, your Peace Frog area rug technician will check to see if your rug is colorfast. We want to ensure that your rug does not bleed or run. We will pre-condition your rug with a detergent-free solution and will then steam clean it, giving it a fresh and clean appearance.  When you need a professional area rug cleaning in Austin, give Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning a call!

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