Quality Carpet Cleaning

Quality Carpet Cleaning for the Good People of Hutto

The carpet cleaning scene around here is bananas. By that, we mean that we at Peace Frog
have a lot of competition. As a matter of fact, there were almost three hundred companies in
the greater Austin area, the last time we checked. For a carpet company to survive out here,
we have our work cut out for us.

Actually, it’s not that hard, thanks to people like you. We don’t pour money into glossy
advertisements. We survive on word of mouth. Really, that’s more our style. We’re amicable
humans (with a few dogs and the occasional parrot, but that’s for another time), and we’ve
learned over the years that all we have to do to conquer the cutthroat carpet cleaning
competition is to … drumroll … clean carpets! That’s it!

We don’t just do our job, we do it well. We’ve learned that when customers are happy and
satisfied, they’ll do the marketing for us. We trust recommendations more when they come
from people we know, rather than when they come from the mailman (no offense, Larry). And
it’s much more fun to spend the money we save on postage on goodies for our customers and
our superstar staff.

You see, at Peace Frog Carpet Cleaning it’s about treating people well and doing good in the
world. That extends not only to our stellar customer service, but beyond, to how we treat the
carpets and rugs we clean. We use environmentally-friendly cleaners that are so safe for both
large and small humans as well as pets that they won’t make anyone sick and you won’t see
our techs in a hazmat getup. We’ll stick to our button-ups and bowties.

If you find yourself in search of a good carpet cleaning company who will get the job done
well and treat you like a human throughout, please consider Peace Frog. You can’t go wrong
with our Peace of Mind Promise. If you aren’t satisfied with the work we have done, or if a
stain reappears within 14 days of our tending to it, let us know and we’ll come back to get rid
of the stain for good. It’s a guarantee.