Shoes at the Door: How it Can Protect Your Home and Family

Shoes at the Door: How it Can Protect Your Home and Family

It’s a question as old as time: should you leave your shoes at the door, or does it even matter whether you wear your shoes in the house or not?

You might think that taking off your shoes when going indoors is just a common courtesy – a polite gesture, but nothing more. You may be surprised by just how much of an impact your decision can have on your home and family. Time and again, studies have shown that wearing your shoes can have a more considerable influence than you might think.

Considering that, here are a few ways you can protect your home and family by simply leaving your shoes at the door.

1. Keeping Your Floors and Carpets Clean

Would you believe that your shoes carry just as much bacteria as your toilet? As wild as that might sound, it’s still a scientific fact. Your boots can collect a massive amount of dirt and even fecal matter from simply walking around outside. If you keep them on while you’re walking around the house, don’t be surprised if you notice dirt stains and nasty smells appearing up and down your property.

Preventing these messes is easy: simply shed your shoes wherever you go back indoors. 

2. Preventing Viruses and Allergies

Your shoes will track in more than just annoying stains and smells. They can carry everything from E. Coli to staphylococcus, among other deadly bacteria that can wreak havoc on your household. That’s not to mention that bacteria on your shoes can also aggravate your allergies. If you wear your shoes at home, you could be leaving a wide-open door to welcome illnesses into your house.

You can avoid exposing yourself and your family to these dangerous conditions by ensuring that all shoes come off before going indoors.

3. Save Costs on Cleaning

Between regular carpet cleaning and other general maintenance activities, cleaning is already costly enough. By not wearing your shoes indoors, you can keep your home cleaner and cut down on your annual cleaning expenses.

These are just a few ways that taking your shoes off before going indoors can help protect your property.

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