We do Tile and Grout Cleaning in Austin, TX

Yellow small square tile that was steam cleaned by Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning in Austin

We Do Tile and Grout Cleaning in Austin, TX

Are you aware that Our Carpet Cleaning Service does other cleaning jobs as well getting your carpet clean and fresh smelling? Housing has changed and so have the types of jobs that need to been done to keep them Clean and looking beautiful. Tile and Grout cleaning in Austin, TX is now becoming a specialty-cleaning job, not only for the home but in other areas as well, such as:


Many workplaces are opting for tile floors and walls. The grout work along the edges and gaps between tile flooring and walls gets dirty fast and is difficult to clean.

CILA’s and Independent Patient Care Facilities

Community Integrated Housing Arrangements and other places where patient care occurs has to be extra clean, spotless, and often requires special cleaning agents that are patient safe.

State run hospitals no longer can handle the load and alternative means are now being used for various forms of health care are needed. With 65 million Americans now retiring and require special care. Tiled flooring is being used more and more in place of carpeting.

Special Times Requires Special Cleaning Skills

With all the changes happening in the world of housing, private care, and healthcare it’s no wonder carpet cleaning services have had to change with the times.

Steam is still used to remove dirt and sanitize surfaces. In addition, hypoallergenic cleaners as well as all natural cleaning products are needed.

This is to meet the strict new regulations for clearing in public; Government Funded Managed Care Facilities, and for housing covered by various forms of medical programs covered under Social Security and under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

You can see that we have the means and ability to take care of Tile and Grout Cleaning here in Austin, TX so the next time you are considering cleaning your tile and grout, contact us and let us take care of it for you.

We Do Tile and Grout Cleaning in Austin, TX