Can Regular Carpet Cleaning Help My Allergies?

Can Regular Carpet Cleaning Help My Allergies?

Nothing is more annoying than minding your business around the house when suddenly…achoo! Allergies strike, and you’re a mess of sneezes and sniffles. If you struggle with allergies, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to help yourself and prevent yourself from falling ill once again.

You might be wondering: do your carpets have any impact on allergies? Can professional carpet cleaning in Austin help you experience an allergy-free life? Courtesy of your friends at Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning, we’re here to answer your pressing questions about how your carpets can affect your health for better or for worse.

What Do Carpets Have to Do With Allergies?

Carpets are more than a nice aesthetic addition to your home. In reality, they can hide a huge amount of dirt and dust in their fibers. The most common allergies are caused by dirt, dust, bacteria, dead skin cells, and mold wafting through the area – and all these items can hide inside your very carpet. 

The simple act of walking across your carpets can stir up all the allergens hiding inside them, sending them into the air ready to cause serious allergy symptoms. If you’re trying to cut down on your risk of allergies, then, it’s essential to care for your carpets.

Does Vacuuming Help?

Vacuuming your carpets at least once a week is a good way to get started reducing your chances of allergies. However, it’s only that: a start. Your typical consumer vacuums can only go so deep. While they might do a great job getting rid of any dirt or dust lurking near the surface of your carpet, there may very well be huge amounts of other allergens hiding out of reach deeper inside the carpet.

Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

The best way to ensure that you’re cleaning your carpets as thoroughly as possible is to get professional carpet cleaning services on a regular basis. Trained technicians have access to complex techniques and industry-leading equipment that can give your carpet a long-lasting deep clean that simply can’t be replicated by a regular vacuum.

On average, you should get a visit from your professional carpet cleaning partner at least once every year. However, for the best results, you should have a professional cleaning every three months to keep your carpets as healthy as possible. In doing so, you’ll dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt and dust in your carpets and ultimately reduce your allergies at home.

What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Austin?

There are plenty of cleaning companies in Austin, but none offer the same dependable service and trustworthy care you’ll find at Peace Frog Specialty Cleaning. We’re Austin’s top-rated carpet cleaning service for a reason! Book us online today for a free quote on how we can help serve you next.