Not There! Ingredients to Avoid When Cleaning Tile

Not There! Ingredients to Avoid When Cleaning Tile

You’ve seen it countless times by now: after being scared away from mainstream cleaning products due to their toxic chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, you’ve decided to try out homemade cleaning solutions for your tile.

However, there are a few things you need to know before you get into cleaning tile. Not all ingredients are created equal – in fact, there are more than a few that you should avoid altogether. To help you get started, here are the main ingredients you should always avoid when cleaning tile.


You might be tempted to use bleach when the time comes to clean your tile. However, it’s best to steer clear of these materials whenever possible. Corrosive chemicals can cause more harm than good when it comes to working on your tile by eroding its sealant, which can drastically reduce your flooring’s durability and longevity. Worse yet, bleach doesn’t actually contain a cleaning agent – meaning that you’re barely even cleaning if you’re using bleach on your tiles!


Vinegar is a common ingredient in many cleaning sprays, but when you’re shopping for cleaners for your tile, you should make sure that this acidic material isn’t an ingredient. Vinegar can etch the tile’s surface finish away, leaving you with dull and permanently marked tile. If you want your flooring to maintain a shining veneer for the foreseeable future, make sure that you stay away from any cleaner with vinegar in it.


Ammonia is a popular component of many effective cleaners, but much like vinegar, it can have a disastrous effect when used on your tile. Ammonia can have the same negative results as vinegar, getting rid of stains but also chipping away at the tile’s finish to leave behind a dull and unsightly bit of flooring. While it might be nearly identical to vinegar in many respects, ammonia has one significant difference: the smell. Ammonia has a faint, almost urine-like smell. This scent might be unpleasant to humans, but it’s irresistible to pets. If you live with a pet, you should stay away from ammonia because it can get your pet to urinate on your tile more often due to the urine-like smell.

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