Soiled but saved : Pet odor removal solutions in Georgetown, TX

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Soiled But Saved : Pet Odor Removal Solutions in Georgetown, TX

Do you have a dog or cat who soils your rugs and leave a nasty odor?

As long as you have a furry animal residing with you, you’ll be faced with the unfortunate issue of pet odor removal in Georgetown, TX from your costly carpets. Our pets can really mess up our floor before they are toilet trained.

As a pet owner, there are a few techniques that can take care of a difficult, soiled situation and help remove stains.

First comes the task of locating the problem area on the carpet, where your pet has been busy doing its business. If not easily visible due to dark flooring, use a black light, which help in highlighting the problem area. Clean the areas where your pet usually stops and sniffs at spots in your home, specially if it has been evacuated by another animal – that’s nipping the problem in the bud. If allowed to sit for too long, the soiled patch is going to require more drastic measures to get rid; and you might even have to replace your rugs.

When removing pet odors, start by cleaning from outer stain area, as starting from the center might spread it further. Bristle brush can be used to scrub and paper towels help in absorbing the liquid. Vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol or lemon – all help in pet odor removal for Georgetown, TX. You can also purchase an enzyme solution from a pet store which digest the proteins found in dog and cat urine or feces – if all else fails.

All of these methods may prove redundant though if it comes to more potent feline urine. Here at Peace Frog Carpet Cleaning we can save you the headache and take care of pet odor removal in Georgetown, TX for you and it would be more cost-effective for you not to mention we will restore the former glory of your carpets.

Soiled But Saved : Pet Odor Removal Solutions in Georgetown, TX

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