Protecting your greatest investment – Your home with dryer vent cleaning in Round Rock, TX

Man and woman looking inside dryer that has clogged dryer vent

Protecting Your Greatest Investment – Your Home With Dryer Vent Cleaning In Round Rock, TX

Your greatest investment, without a doubt, is your household – your home. To this end, when choosing a carpet cleaning company, the consumer should first do a complete inspection of the household. The inspection should focus on areas of the household, which are considered “high traffic areas.” This may include common hallways, living rooms, and dens. In other words, areas which have heavy foot traffic.

Don’t forget to include sofas, loveseats, and recliners. Remember to also inspect the air duct systems of your central heating and air. Air ducts are harbingers of dust and lint and are often the reason why some family members suffer from allergy-like symptoms. Keeping these areas environmentally clean makes good sense.

One area that is often times overlooked is the dryer ventilation system. It has been stated that an unclean dryer vent may result in a substantial increase in electrical usage, which translates to higher utility bills. It is also estimated that approximately 17,000 fires occur annually as a result of unclean dryer ventilation systems.

It makes not only environmental sense, but also financial sense, to maintain a household’s dryer throughout the year by including dryer vent cleaning in Round Rock, TX. The process of dryer vent cleaning in Round Rock, TX includes professionally cleaning all areas of the dryer ventilation system to ensure that all ducts are free of lint and dust. By doing this your household will be more energy efficient and will also be safer; since clogged up dryer ducts may cause the dryer to overheat with the potential of a fire being involved.

Besides providing the customary cleaning services (carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and duct cleaning), we also provides professional dryer ventilation cleaning services. Take the initiative and allow us to professionally clean all areas of your household to include the dryer ventilation system. Doing so will help protect your greatest investment which is your household.

Protecting Your Greatest Investment – Your Home With Dryer Vent Cleaning In Round Rock, TX