cleaning service in Round Rock, Texas

What do you need to do to have 5 star hardwood floor cleaning service in Round Rock, Texas?

Smiling mom and daughter laying on clean carpet

You have heard before of your friends telling you to be “buyer beware”. This type of situation describes when you are hoping to get a righteous deal on a service to purchase like your next hardwood floor cleaning service, you get ripped off with less than wonderful service so even the low cost is too much.  What is more crappy than handing over your dollars and getting even less than? In the end, you don’t have your dollars and your hardwood floors aren’t better and may even be ruined. So how can you be confident you have a great price and the service will be even better?

Peace Frog Hardwood Floor Cleaners, offers 5 star service. Not 3 star. Not even 4 star but five star service. So Lago Vista, here is your five star service. Access your smart phone or type on your computer and try us out. Five star hardwood floor service at your earliest request.

What makes us the superior hardwood floor cleaners in Lago Vista? Truly 5 star?

We always are welcoming. We value relationships and it starts from your initial call.  We begin by finding out what your hardwood floors need to look like. What is it about your hardwood floors that making them perfect will do for you? We value what you desire and we do it with a warmhearted embrace.

You will always get an estimate that won’t convert ever and will definitely meet all your list of wants. We dislike moving foundations when it comes to getting your real quote. We back up every price offer we make. We don’t hurry so we do it right the first time, and provide a real price for what you really want the hardwood floors to look like when cleaned.

Our hardwood floor cleaning is guaranteed to meet your demands. If you are not pleased for any reason you describe to us(which we just don’t experience) we will return the next day and make it exactly how you want. Your demand for the best hardwood floor cleaning is how we will respond to you.