Beautiful living room with freshly steam cleaned hardwood floor

How to get 5 star hardwood floor cleaning service in Austin, Texas?

White chair in corner of spotless room with hardwood floor and area rug

You have probably heard of the saying “buyer beware”. What that means when hoping to acquire your next hardwood floor cleaning service, you can’t always be sure what you are getting for the money. What is more horrible than forking over your hard earned money and getting less than special treatment? In the end, you don’t have your money and your hardwood floors are better and may even be harmed. So how can you tell?

Peace Frog Hardwood Floor Cleaners, offers 5 star service. Not 3 star. Not even 4 star but five star service. So Austin, here is your five star service. Access your smart phone or jump on your tablet and try us out. Five star hardwood floor service at your command.

What makes us five star? How can you tell its 5 star so your can proceed with great confidence?

First, we always are friendly. We value relationships and it starts from the “git go”. We start by finding out what your preferred outcome is. What is it about your hardwood floors that making them clean will bring about for you? We care about what you want and we do it with a smile.

Second, you will receive a quote that won’t change will surely meet all your requirements. We dislike moving targets when it comes to getting their real price. We back up every quote we make. We take the time to do it right and provide a real quote for what you really want to accomplish.

Finally, our service is guaranteed to meet your expectations. If you are not happy for any reasons (which we just don’t experience) we will come back out immediately and make it right. Your expectations for the best hardwood floor cleaning are our guidelines.