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Steam Cleaning Austin, TX

Austin has the best people, the best music, and is overall the best place in the world. At Peace Frog, it is our love for this region that drives our commitment to providing high quality environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning services in Austin, Tx to every single one of our customers. The beauty of steam cleaning is…

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Pressure Washing In Austin, TX

Pressure washing brings back the wow factor to a drab-looking exterior like an evening on Dirty Sixth can remind you that you’re alive. No matter how beautiful your house may be on the interior, people judge your property from the first glimpse. When your home isn’t looking as bright as you might like, call the…

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Carpet Cleaning Austin, TX

Nothing can match that luscious feeling of sinking your bare feet into a clean carpet. Because carpets can gather dust from the air, dirt from outside, hair from your hirsute pet, and glitter from that project you stayed up late for that one Sunday, it isn’t long before it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning…

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Leather Cleaning Service in Austin, Texas

Comfort and luxury come together in an extraordinary way with leather upholstery. But when stains threaten to mar your marvelous leather, look no further than the same company you trust for carpet cleaning: Austin’s own Peace Frog. We provide the same attention to detail and excellent customer service with our leather cleaning as with the…

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Grout Cleaning Service

As the best company offering carpet cleaning in Austin and surrounding areas, Peace Frog is full of people who are wise enough to pay attention to the details. And grout is one of those deciding factors that make a visitor or prospective buyer judge your home as either clean or grimy. No one wants a…

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How To Decide For Pet Odor Treatment?

The friendly humans at Peace Frog are animal lovers. Our pets, as much as we adore them, can be sources of odiferous compounds that tend to linger in the home. A stinky home can turn away visitors and prospective buyers. We love our animals and we want the best for them. But that shouldn’t mean…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning In Austin, Texas

Taking care of your home doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many details to take care of (including dryer vent cleaning, power washing, and carpet cleaning), Austin’s own Peace Frog can not only do the dirty work when it comes to taking care of your home, but we can do it with a smile….

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Peace Frog Maintains Round Rock Tile and Grout for Lasting Value

They say it’s the little things that make big differences when it comes to home values. Curb appeal is one thing, but when a prospective buyer is looking at the interior of a home, just a bit of dinginess can color their experience of the property, affecting their final decision to buy or pass. Round…

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Spend Less Time Scrubbing, More Time Outdoors

Are you the sort of person to come up with New Year’s resolutions? Are you the sort of person to follow through with those resolutions? At Peace Frog Carpet & Tile, we have an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service year after year. If your resolution involves getting out and exercising, we support you…

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Peace Frog Offers Honest Services in Georgetown

Since the inception of Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we’ve been committed to excellent tile and grout cleaning with exceptional customer service. We’re straightforward humans who believe that when you do good in the world, you get good things in return, and we have found that to be the case. Sometimes, though, when we…

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